APAC Marketers

How SEA Tech Giants Solved The “Cold Start” Problem

The Cold Start Problem – also known as the “chicken and egg” problem – describes a paradox found in two-sided business models: Your business only works when you have both supply and demand. But when you start, you have neither, and to get one, you need the other. In this post, we’ll look at how […]

Shopee: How To Compete (and Win) in a Red Ocean

If you’re considering competing in a red ocean, modern business strategy has very clear advice for you: Don’t. Red oceans are zero-sum, closed games where everyone is competing along the same dimensions. They’re brutal. You have to be prepared to deploy a stunning amount of capital. Customers view you as a commodity and have no […]

Digital Marketing in the Philippines: The Land of Social Media Superusers

This post on the Philippines is the first in a series where we’ll explore different marketing ecosystems in APAC. The Philippines is a good one to start with because the consumer behavior we find here is common across most of Southeast Asia – but as you’re about to see, there are a few areas where […]

Hyperlocal: The Strategy Behind Grab’s Rise in Southeast Asia

As Grab prepares for its history-making SPAC listing, numerous profiles of Grab CEO Anthony Tan have been published. Several features describe a man who works so hard that he reads business case studies while exercising. In Grab, Tan leads a sprawling multinational in one of the world’s most complex, fragmented and increasingly competitive regions. Studying […]